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+Guitar Wolf Tribute+
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These are the records in which Guitar Wolf made.

Wolf Rock! LP (Goner USA, 1995, 1gone)

Wolf Rock! LP/CD (Less Than TV JAP, year ?,

Kung Fu Ramone LP (Bag Of Hammers USA, 1995, BOH 003)

Run Wolf Run CD (Less Than TV JAP, year ?,

Missile Me! LP/CD (Matador USA, 1996, OLE-219-1/2)

Planet Of The Wolves LP/CD (Matador USA, 1997, OLE 248-1/2)

Jet Generation LP/CD (Matador USA, 1999, OLE 333-1/2)

Ufo Romantics LP/CD (Munster Records, 2002, MR 236)

Love Rock CD (Narnack Records, 2004, NCK 7020)

Love Rock CD (In-Fidelity Recordings, 2005, INFCD-114)