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+Guitar Wolf Tribute+
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'Ello, and welcome to my Guitar Wolf tribute site. I am a very big fan of this Japanese band, and so is my little sister, Nao.
If you'd like to contact us, please do, at:

Guitar Wolf is a Japanese rock band. Their sound is rather like an underground Detroit garage rock band. I like them because there are so many pop Japanese band, and it's refreshing to hear some rock once in awhile. Plus, I'd like Nao to listen to this music, because she doesnt listen to very much American rock, which I love.
And, she'd understand the lyrics.

The band is made up of three guys, rather attractive, although, to Nao, repulisve. They are: Billy, who plays bass. {Sadly, Billy passed away in March of 2005. =(}
Also, there is Seiji, the Guitar Wolf. He is rather fine.
And finally, there is Toru on the drums. He kind of keeps the wild music from unwinding.


This is Nao