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Eternal Blathnaid
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This is the page where I'll describe myself in more detail.

I am seventeen. Please, no comments about the baby currently in my stomach. Unless they are nice and are tips on child raising.
I have brown hair, brown eyes, and pale skin, but in the brutal sun, which I hate, I get brown freckles on my shoulders and the bridge of my nose. I hope Pepin has red hair and freckles.

I grew up in Connemara. In a little farmhouse. With sheep out in the backyard. I named them, even though they were always eaten..

I also named the pigs. Da always said: DO NOT name them, Blathnaid, thats how yeh get attatched.

Did it work? Nope.

I was homeschooled, which is why I'm paranoid and reluctant to be with people. I am starting this site because my mother reccomended I open myself up to the world.

So I am. And since I am trying to be nice to the world, I hope the world will be nice to me. But since society has gone downhill, I dont expect much. Surprise me.

I am shy. I will not speak unless spoken to. I keep to myself and melt in my lonliness. Life is slow, but somehow I manage. I love photography, though I am not good with a camera. I love art, though I am not good with a paint brush. I hate Marilyn Manson, though somewhere, deep inside, there is an undying affection and fascination with him. I love burlesque, though I am not graceful at all. {I fell down the stairs the other day} But most of all, I love my red glasses. They are new. I got them today. They dont look good on me, but that's ok. They are still my point of fashion and my sole obsession.

Me looking pissed. My feet were beginning to swell. I was visiting me da in NYC.
All work and No play makes Stewie a dull boy..

What a job!

I work a light job. I use little Japanese. I live with my sister in Osaka. I love it, and I cant think of a better place for Pepin to live in.


+ Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind
+ Party Monsters
+ Finding Neverland
+ Big Fish
+ Marilyn Manson
+ Meg White's angelic voice
+ Lionel Hampton
+ Dizzie Gilespie
+ Beatles
+ George Harrison
+ Bach
+ Vivaldi
Role Models:
+ Domo Kun
+ Cassidy
+ Ellie
+ Adam
+ Pepin
+ Spiritual Midwifery
+ Mein Kampf
+ A Seperate Peace