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Eternal Blathnaid
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Family Photo Album



Meet guitar...Adam's guitar...Our best friend. When Adam plays the guitar, Pepin moves..He does not kick..He likes it. I can tell. Mother's instinct. He gets his musical taste from me. Or maybe it's just Adam's talent that he loves so much. Ya, thats probably it..



This is my best friend Adam. I love him alot. He helps me through everything. He will be Pepin's godfather. He means alot to me. Sometimes, we go out for McDonalds when I have cravings and he gives me foot and back rubs, which I need alot of..And he provides a shoulder for me to cry on.


My Children

Say hello to my little boy, Pepin, currently seven months old, in my stomach...Yes, seven months with this boy, and two more to go. Let me tell you, we have bonded pretty well, and I'm sure we'll spend the rest of our lives getting to know eachother.


Other Relatives

This is my sister Ellie. She isnt here today. When she was nineteen (and I was sixteen) she became addicted to heroin. Twice, she went into rehab. The third time, she went into the rehab, but the withdrawl effects were too much, and she could not deal with it.
She died three days before my birthday on 5 December 2004.